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How to get international fame in modeling?

Posted : வெள்ளிக்கிழமை,   செப்டம்பர்   09 , 2005  23:56:21 IST

Haselblad, a company manufacturing specialty cameras and related equipment meant for photography in space selects ten photographers as “Photographers of the Year” annually and promotes their works. This effort christened the “Haselblad Masters Concept” has been in vogue for several years now. An Indian, Rohit Dhingra finds a place in the select list of photographers chosen by Haselblad for the year 2006.

Rohit studied professional photographic practices in the famed University of Arts, London. In a meteoric career, Rohit has executed assignments for some of the most prestigious modeling agencies of the world (FM, Profile and Storm) and is regarded very highly by European models. He has also worked with the top-notch professionals of the field; make up artists from Milan fashion shows, graduates of London College of fashion, assistants of internationally acclaimed designers such as Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, to name a few, and renowned stylists such as Charlotte.

Rohit has set up a state of the art studio in Delhi at Malavyia Nagar and is making a conscious shift from shooting western models to Indian models.The studio has tie –up arrangements with a few foreign studios. The experts of an interview conducted by our correspondents with him :

What is the difference between Indian and London model in your perspective?

The beauty of the faces of the Indian models is captivating, but they do not possess the perfect anatomy of the western models. Our food habits and the nature of our cuisines is perhaps an important contributing factor.

What should Indian girls do to attain international fame in modeling?

The most important drawback about Indian models is that they take to modeling very late, at about twenty-three years of age, unlike western models who begin at about sixteen years of age and actually retire from the world of modeling by the age of twenty-three. Indian models do not posses the chic structure of the western models owing to this anomaly. Indian girls can make it big in the fashion world, if only they are tall (5.7’ to 5.8’, and possess a chic shape in conjunction with their enchantingly beautiful faces.

Rohit also has the experience of having appeared as a model and has the distinction of having been signed for modeling contacts by three top modeling agencies of the U.K,(Model Plus, Number One Model Management, and Elliot and Brown). Rohit has also appeared in the Indian advertising in ads such as LG, Pizza Hut, Microsoft , SAIL etc.

Our correspondents took leave as Rohit was fine tuning the final touches of a shoot of an Indian model.

view his other works

- By our correspondent





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